... and how I became what I have become?







Brand Marketing Professional, Trainer and a FaithCoach.

They know me as a Brand Marketing Professional, Trainer and a FaithCoach.

Playing with colors and pencil has always been a hobby for me. Although I studied Computer Science at higher grade and wanted to make a career in Computer Technology; in the initial 5 years of my career I worked at different administrative positions. These include a marketing company, an education institute and different ITES companies which actually made me realize what I didn’t want in life and I was back to my first love that is creative art, only this time the paper-pencil was replaced by a computer.

It was in the beginning of the year 2005 while working on a brochure for one of the organizations I turned my passion and hobby into a full-time profession.

Brand Creation, Print Design, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Audio-Visuals, Web Designing, Hosting Solutions, Mobile Apps are few things that my clients seek my help for.

As of 2019, I have been privileged to provide consulting services for hundreds of projects and to numerous organizations in my career of 18+ years. I am best known as a ‘PROBLEM SOLVER’ and consulted for creative ideation as well as for my ability to counsel and guide in difficult times such as failures and confusion.

My most favorite subjects of speaking are related to ‘faith’ and ‘personal mission for life’ among many other. I love to encourage people through graphics, public speaking, writing and one-on-one discussions about the issues of life as well as strengths & struggles of heart.

Anil Parkhe

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